Jesus saves Aliens (aka Demons)?

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Remember that time when your parents told you how to introduce and lead an Alien to Jesus for salvation from it's sin, and if it was ready to be baptized then you should do so? You don't???

Well, how about your church, remember when your Pastor preached on the salvation of the extra-terrestrials? mean to tell me that your church forgot to teach that to you? Of course, I'm being facetious.

If you know anything of your Bible, there is zero mention of Jesus Christ coming to earth to provide salvation to anyone or anything besides mankind. In fact, there is just as much evidence of salvation to Aliens as their is evidence that you and I are living on a spinning globe.

Unfortunately, the lack of Biblical support for Jesus extending salvation to Aliens has not prevented Focus on the Family from teaching it to your children. In one of Focus on the Family's latest children's magazine edition named Club House there is a cartoon titled "Degrees of Kelvin."


And, if it wasn't for the leading of the Pope and an Astronomer, our children would not know that the expectation is to help an Alien become baptized once they have accepted Jesus Christ as its savior.

The mother of ALL deceptions is the Globe Earth, and is why so many Christians who are Flat Earthers are unwilling to cease speaking out about the Globe Earth LIE. Christian Flat Earthers know that the day that "Aliens" invade "planet earth" that the "Aliens" are nothing more than demons manifested into their physical form. For the "Christians" who believe they are living on a spinning ball and that Aliens "might" exist...well, they're done. Hook. Line. Sinker. They will be completely deceived and buy into whatever the "Aliens" wish to do.

However, the Christians who have been studying their Bible and KNOW that the earth is stationary and FLAT with a dome over our head also KNOW that those "Aliens" are just demons and can't be trusted. And, unfortunately, the Christians who believe they are living on a spinning ball will say that I have lost my mind over a "silly" little "cute" cartoon in an innocent "Christian" magazine.

It's okay. I know I am called to speak the truth even when the truth is the most uncomfortable form of communication. I pray you too will consider doing the same if you truly know the earth is stationary and flat with a dome over head.

If you prefer to teach your children a Biblical Cosmology, I am soon to release my first children's book titled Earth is Flat like a Mat! and if you scroll to the bottom of this webpage can subscribe to my webpage and you will be notified once the book is available.

"Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ." - Colossians 2:8

"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." - 1 Thessalonians 5:21

— Nathan Roberts, Christ Follower

P.S. The earth is stationary and FLAT because God’s Word is ALWAYS Faithful and True! (Rev. 19:11)

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22 thoughts on “Jesus saves Aliens (aka Demons)?”

  1. You need to repent and save yourself from all of the lies you are spreading Nathan. God is not going to be happy with you when you reach the pearly gates of heaven.

  2. Alien Deception is close, Targeting the Fe movement with disinfo like “Convex Earth”,smh. God Bless Bro, Can’t wait for your children’s book!

  3. may God bless your work it amazes me why so many christians remain in the dark on this issue. deception is rampant especially among christian leaders. of course they preach GIVE TO GET and the prosperity doctrine that everyone loves even to the emptying of their pockets. keep going and do as God commands you!! regards steve

  4. Have you have heard of “Sedevacantist” Flat-Earthers? If not, you should Bing “Sedevacantist Flat Earth”. Have ever heard the word “Sedevacantist” (which is really nothing more than a smokescreen label used by the Vatican 2 sect)? If not, you should Bing it. Have you ever heard the catchphrases “Vatican 2 sect” or “Vatican 2 sect member”? If not, you should Bing it. Have you ever heard the word “Novusordite”? If not, you should Bing it. I’ve noticed the exact same pseudoscientific ad hominem attacks “ball-Earthers” give flat-Earthers is the exact same pseudotheological ad hominem attacks Novusordites give “Sedevacantists”!

  5. My dad sent me your book, which I read and found to be very useful. With all due respect, the depiction of Jesus as the leading picture is wrong. We are not to make a likeness of God per the 2nd commandment. But, like the comic strip from Focus on the Family, once you start seeing it, you will notice that there are renditions of Jesus everywhere. And our worship of Him is regulated by God’s Word… which makes me wonder why we persist in putting images of Christ into our Bible teaching materials.

    Blessings in Christ

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