30+ Negative 1 Star Reviews in 3 Days

Firstly, I am not personally upset with the conspiracy to ruin my book's rating on Amazon. In fact, I expect it and expect it to further continue since it is God's truth and Satan hates God's truth, especially, when His people speak and reveal it.

Since the end of January 2018 I've contacted Kindle Direct Publishing (owned by Amazon.com) at least 20 different times between phone calls and email communications requesting assistance with removing reviews that were coordinated by a Facebook group to ruin my book's rating. The attacks were directed at both my Facebook page's ratings and my book, The Doctrine of the Shape of the Earth, on Amazon.

So, while I await for no assistance from Kindle Direct Publishing, I have decided it beneficial to all to make this battle publicly known. I do apologize in advance for some of the language you may see in the screenshots below, however, evil knows no other communication style.

I received notice from someone on Facebook who had found evidence of a coordinated attack against my book's ratings and forwarded me the screenshots. As you read the screenshots below, you will see that the globe trolls also attempted to infiltrate and destroy my Facebook group named FLAT EARTH Teachers. When they were stopped, that's when they retaliated by attacking my book's rating and book's Facebook's page rating.

All of the following information has been provided to Kindle Direct Publishing multiple times, and still nothing has been done since it was first reported to them on Jan. 25, 2018.

smear campaign against book

After seeing the evidence that I've just provided, when reading the reviews of my book on Amazon it should be quite easy to discern which of them are apart of the conspiracy to ruin my book's rating. Some of the negative 1 star reviews even show as being "Verified Purchase" because the day that the user downloaded the book I was providing a FREE promotion of my book.

If you know God's truth about his creation, and after reading my book will you please consider writing a review for my book to help combat these globe troll reviews?

Identity Theft