19 thoughts on “FLAT EARTH Critical Mass is happening RIGHT NOW”

  1. CMI and AiG are not intentionally trying to “gatekeep” you dude…. Good grief. I can’t believe that you’re actually getting so shocked and so worked up about this person or that person blocking you on social media, nor can I really believe how narcissistic your entire approach to “sharing FE” is….

  2. Great Work , Nathan, I was banned by the stooges but am not yet banned from facebook. I think it was the ad thing, LOL. You have them scared,
    God Bless man.

  3. The world has Gone Mad, Flat Earth is The Truth, our battle is not only against Flesh and blood but Spiritual.

    Full Armor of God Brother.

    We can do All things Through the God who gives us Strength

    Peace be with you

  4. I see it as you being bold and stepping up where others won’t go in speaking the truth. You’re a threat to them and I’m not surprised at the backlash. You have done some damage to the enemy’s camp. Thanks for all you’ve done so far and for encouraging us to keep spreading truth.

  5. According to 2 Kings 23:5 in the King James Version and the 1599 Geneva Bible, the Sun, Moon and Planets are mentioned. Does anyone like yourself believe the Planets; like Mars and Saturn, which I have seen through a telescope, are of the same creation as is our moon? They are not like the Sun or other luminaries, stars within the dome, firmament that God has created over our flat, stable earth. Please answer if you have learned about our planets that maybe revolve around our Sun, as our Sun revolves around our plane earth.

  6. Before the Lord returns for followers of Christ, will there be a Flat Earth Convention where Nathan Roberts, Zen Garcia, Rob Skiba, Edward Hendrie, Mark Sargent and other spokesmen and women will speak and sell their books, etc?
    Even though some may not be able to attend; the presentation should be on a DVD set for others to purchase and distribute to their Pastors ,Youth Ministers and other interested persons who want to listen and learn the truth about our earth that God created.

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