DEBUNKING David Nikao, Flat Earth Doctrine DENIER

A loved one who is investigating the Biblical Cosmology stumbled upon David Nikao’s website called His website is geared towards propagating a globe shaped earth with as many unsubstantiated claims as he can, including, scripture used out of context. There is a lot of content on his website, however, the focus of this rebuttal will be towards one particular page that is titled “Biblical Proofs of the Globe Earth.”

In the initial draft of that webpage, which he appears to have changed after I called him out in a prior Facebook Note, David attempted to unite and marry all Flat Earthers to the “Flat Earth Society” in order to quickly discredit the Flat Earth movement, as well as, anyone who associates himself as a believer of a Flat Earth. He does this so subtly by drawing a parallel between the beliefs of all Flat Earthers in alignment with that of an evolutionist when he stated:

“Note: Flat earthers cite that the enemy is covering up the flat earth theory, to hide the Creator; but Daniel Shenton, who heads the Flat Earth Society, is an evolutionist, so that rational has no merit.”

(NOTE: To view David's web posting where he did in fact state this you'll have to use the Wayback Machine, click here, as I am NOT misquoting him in even the least.)

If David had been better studied, he’d have known that no true Flat Earther exists within the “Flat Earth Society,” because we know that it is a controlled opposition group. At best, the Flat Earth Society provides half-truths. So, any person researching Flat Earth for the first time may stumble upon them and quickly loose interest since most of what they present is so incredibly ridiculous.

Again, since I exposed David of this error in his initial writing through my Facebook Note, he's since altered the statement to:

"Note: Flat earthers cite that the enemy is covering up the flat earth theory, to hide the Creator."

David believes that Isaiah 40:22 does is NOT in the slightest pointing to the earth as having a circular disk attribute to it.

Instead, he believes the “CIRCLE” that is referred to in Isaiah 40:22 is pointing to the Mazzoroth, a constellation, in the sky. Interestingly, he first says, “Let’s back up to get the context of the verse.” and then he takes the scriptures OUT OF CONTEXT. Because, to make his case that “CIRCLE” is referring to the constellations he must go to Job 38:32, which just so happens to be in a completely different book in the Bible.

From Job 38:32, the word “Mazzoroth” is from Strong’s Hebrew Concordance lexicon # 4216 (OT – Hebrew). Here is the full definition:

mazzarahmaz-zaw-raw' - apparently from 'nazar' (5144) in the sense of distinction; some noted constellation (only in the plural), perhaps collectively, the zodiac:--Mazzoroth. Compare 'mazzalah' (4208).

From Isaiah 40:22, the word “circle” from Strong’s Hebrew Concordance lexicon # 2329 (OT – Hebrew). Here is the full definition:
chuwgkhoog - from 'chuwg' (2328); a circle:--circle, circuit, compass.
How in the HECK does David draw a correlation between “Mazzoroth” to mean “chuwg,” and visa versa?
David completely changes the topic of discussion from, “Does ‘chuwg’ mean circle or ball?” to something almost as silly as “Why do dogs like flowers?”
Why does he do this? What is his motivation for taking the scriptures so far out of context, or is he really that horrible with conveying what the word of God is truly stating in its context? If he is, why is anyone even paying his website any attention?
David also fails to discuss the latter part of Isaiah 40:22 which states, “…that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:”
I wonder if Isaiah knew what a tent looks like? If he was attempting to place a tent over a globe-shaped earth, well, God probably should have given him just a bit more inspiration to realize that it just doesn’t work that way. A tent is used over a flat surface, as a curtain that is spread out for someone to dwell in.
Wait a minute; do you think…Well that may imply, that…Yeah, the earth may be FLAT? What a profound read the scripture within its context and allow it to mean what is says and say what it means.
In my book titled “The Doctrine of the Shape of the Earth: A Comprehensive Biblical Perspective” I dive deep into the scriptures to see if God’s Word at all gives us a clue or a hint about the shape of his earth. And, there is an entire sub-chapter, Ball vs. Circle, dedicated to elaborating on Isaiah 40:22.
Aside from Isaiah 40:22 (which David completely took out of context), he uses Bible verses that are very weak arguments for the doctrine of the shape of the earth. Such as:
“Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.” - Job 38:4
“Hast thou perceived the breadth of the earth? declare if thou knowest it all.” - Job 38:18
Either he hasn’t truly done a comprehensive study on the doctrine of the shape of the earth, or he is deliberately creating a distraction, and I truly am not sure which it is?
I could go on and on and on about all the ways David Nikao has completely misrepresented God’s Word as it concerns the true cosmology, though each of his misinterpretations have already been more than accounted for in my book “The Doctrine of the Shape of the Earth: A Comprehensive Biblical Perspective.” However, there is just one more issue I must address prior to closing this thought.
David proclaims that Revelation 20:9 is referring to a mountain or a plateau, not a flat earth. Although, that is EXACTLY what it says, FLAT EARTH!
“And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from Yahweh out of heaven, and devoured them.” - Revelation 20:
The word “breadth” is from Strong’s Greek Dictionary lexicon # 4114. It is defined as follows:
platosplat'-os: from [platuV] - platus 4116; width:--breadth.
Wonder what Strong’s Greek Dictionary lexicon #4116 means? Here is the definition:
platusplat-oos' - from [plassw] - plasso 4111; spread out "flat" ("plot"), i.e. broad:--wide.
So, in context the word “breadth” means “spread out FLAT.” Which means Revelation 20:9 could have just as well be written as “And they went up on the spread out FLAT of the earth...”
I just don’t understand why David Nikao has gone to such great lengths to obstruct God’s Word, and in the process create division and confusion around God’s word which is ALWAYS Faithful and ALWAYS True?
I have curated over 200 plus Bible verses that point to the earth being stationary and flat with a dome over our head.
What’s even more odd about David’s website is what is written at the footer of the page: “Yahuah, I pray that you bind Satan, his demons and his spirits, and cast them away from this website, and from the visitors of this website. I pray that you grant the visitors of this website eye salve, to see the truth, that they would repent and be your witnesses! I pray this in the name of Yahusha Messiah.
David Nikao believes so wholeheartedly, and wishes for others to join him, that flat earth is a deception that he publishes a prayer to ward off Biblical truth that the earth is stationary and flat. This guy is so confused.
Although, I have also run into “Christians” who proclaim flat earth doctrine to be Satanic. Are you serious???
What he needs, along with every teacher out there who preaches against flat earth doctrine, is a good “correcting” for causing such division around God’s Word and the people who are searching for guidance and he leading them astray. In fact, if you wish to reach out to David Nikao and let him know what you think of his destructive work, click here to contact him on Facebook.
“All scripture is given by inspiration of Yahweh, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of Elohim may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.” - 2 Timothy 3:16-17

-- Nathan Roberts, Christ Follower

P.S. The earth is stationary and FLAT because God's Word is ALWAYS Faithful and True! (Rev. 19:11)

4 thoughts on “DEBUNKING David Nikao, Flat Earth Doctrine DENIER”

  1. I lean heavily towards a flat earth as Well, but let’s not fool ourselves, it is NOT a requirement to believe in the flat earth in order to be a follower of messiah and be saved.

    God makes it very clear throughout scripture that all men will have different gifts. Some will be strong, some smart, some prophets, some priests, some handy men, some leaders, some followers, etc…

    Even Paul mentions that not all men will have the same gifts. So don’t elevate yourself as being all mighty if you believe you received the gift of truth concerning the shape of the earth, because in the grand scheme of things, it is completely irrelevant. Weather God made the earth flat, gloved, or in the shape of a giraffe, our duty to obey his commands, accept bus son as our savior, and teach others the truth does not change, no matter what the shape of the earth is.

    I promise you, when Yeshua returns, he will not condemn people who didn’t know the shape of the earth.

    I understand why NASA and other high powered men want to trick us into thinking it’s a globe, but weather it is our not doesn’t change our mission. To accept Christ truths and teach as many people as we can.

  2. What percentage of Jesus, the Word, are we required to abide in to be considered His disciple? (John 8:31-32)

    Who is being referred to in 1 Timothy 4:1-2?

    Who is being referred to in 2 Thessalonians 2:7-12?

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