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Tracey Moran, former NASA employee

Tracey Moran, Former NASA employee turned Flat Earther

“I’ve been a conspiracy person for years, and working for NASA you know just helped that right along…I worked for NASA for many years (1991-2004) and they were kindof shady from the very beginning…They were just very shady. Everything they did…all their operations were just not…you didn’t get a good feeling about. I worked in the Security Office, we did all the background investigations, all the fingerprints, we were over the Guard Force…When I got to the point with the Moon Rocks and the way they were handled something clicked in my brain. Because we had this little tiny file room that we kept everybody’s security file in. It was just a lock-n-key. It was not a vault, I’ve worked in vaults before…it was not a vault, it was just a key…I would never to this day believe in Flat Earth still if it weren’t for God’s Word…You can’t deny what God’s Word says. So, if you’re a Christian and not believing this [Flat Earth] then you are denying God’s Word.”

Robert Jones, IT Network Admin

Robert Jones

“One of the things that I’ve ran into, especially when I’ve talked to other ministers and pastors…they’ve always asked, ‘Where is it [Flat Earth] in scripture? You saying that there’s so much scripture?’ We will go to Genesis and the firmament…and then I’ll jump into Isaiah and some of the other scriptures, but I didn’t have…a lot of scripture to throw at them and that’s what I like to do. And, I like how the book is laid out with a lot of scripture.”

"This book has changed my life. Well, I should say Ywhw changed my life through Nathan Roberts writing this book. I have been struggling with how to approach the flat earth topic with fellow Christians and Bible preaching pastors. And God led me to this book. And I get it now. Thank you, Nathan for writing this. I truly loved it. The True Word of Ywhw says the earth is a plane (flat) motionless, fixed, immovable, on top of the waters below, underneath a firmament (impiercable dome) in which the sun and moon circle above us. The firmament is God's "footstool", separating the waters above from the waters below. The earth is set upon 4 pillars and has 4 corners. This are Words of Ywhw. If we are to call ourselves "Bible believing Christians" and that we believe Ywhw's Word to be irrefutable and 100 percent true. Then we need to start looking at the Word a bit more closely. I may only be a "nobody" working at Subway, to you. But the truth is the truth. Regardless of who speaks it. Again, great book. Thank you Nathan Roberts. And thank you Yeshua for getting His Word out as He promised He would. In Yeshua!" - John Foss

Commercial Pilot, Rob Taylor, says, "Earth is FLAT(.)"

Christian Pastor says, "Earth is FLAT!"

"I am so glad I bought this book. It is well organized and lays out a foundational truth in such a way that anyone who reads it will clearly see we are not only living on a flat earth but also that God has told us this in His Word many times. It WILL draw you closer to your creator and His Word. I am thankful Nathan wrote this and suggest it for all people, no matter what your current belief system looks like. Great read !!!" - Tracey Moran

"Great book!!! He does such a good job in explaining everything about the flat earth in detail and he uses the Bible to back it all up. It really opens your eyes to the real truth and gets you even more excited about what an AMAZING God we serve!" - Esmeralda Vicente

"With a great foundation in the Scriptures of the Bible, Roberts pulls the sheet off of the skepticism that Church goers have been drowning in for their whole lives. Starting off with the basics, Roberts goes step by step in a guided tour of how the Bible clearly and plainly lays out the way that YHVH created the heavens and the earth. He exposes lies of fraternal lodges and he shows us how we've been tricked all of these years. I commend Roberts for his diligence in this writing and wish that this book could be placed in the hands of every Pastor in North America. Great job. Look forward to more stuff from this author." - Pauly Hart

8 Ways the Bible Says, “FLAT EARTH!” (see video description for 7-8)

200+ Bible scriptures in 7 min. as textual proof that the earth is FLAT!

"No matter who you are, where you are in Life you need to read this book. I attribute much of today’s awaking to Truths the result of the internet. Many are coming to learn of the deceptions that are shoved upon us. So, it seems that when you discover that we have been lied to once, you begin to study other areas of concern. Soon you become aware that we have been lied to on all too many occasions. You discover that this is not the world you thought you lived in. Not ever the country that you thought was the greatest in the world. My journey started with realization of 9/11 event which did not occur the way we were told. Then, like dominos many, many lies became evident. If I were a writer, I would tell of this journey because I really believe it matters and that it just might open eyes and hearts to the importance of TRUTH. What is Truth? Truth is all things of God. God is Truth and He not only desires us to seek truth, but actually to “Love” Truth. .....So called Flat Earthers have been ridiculed but only in recent years has it been considered a just stupid, but now the elite and their elk loved to make it the laughing stock. The deception is so great that most will not even entertain a study of the subject. They have been so successful in the deception that people do not even question what is the truth. Some, like Nathan Roberts have cared enough to get to the bottom of the matter and have be generous enough to share it with the world. We are fortunate! ...Many in the world today laugh at the idea of an all powerful and mighty God while holding to the illusion of a gigantic accident and then add evolution to it for it to make sense. ....Ask your self, do you feel like you are spinning at 1037 mph? If not you probably are not! This is what Scientists tell us, and that’s not all the spinning they account for either. If God is not your authority on all matters He should be ,because He actually created you in His Image. The big question among many and especially Christians is,”What does it Matter”......? Well, does truth matter? Most certainly people want the truth. Where do you go to get the Truth? Do you get it in the newspaper, TV, Text books, youtube, our government, etc? This is an interesting question because we live in a time where that is most difficult.....fake news everywhere! God’s Word is trust worthy and Nathan has drawn from God’s Holy Word as a convenience to you and me to reveal what God has to say about the earth that He created for us. As a Christian or not you owe it to yourself to know the Truth on this Matter! Buy and read, ”The Doctrine of the Shape of the Earth”. You will be Glad and Satisfied with your findings." - Michael R. Ransdell

David Platt talks about FLAT EARTH from a Biblical Perspective

"At last, some common sense and truth, after 500 years of religious scientism. The Earth has never been a spinning ball except in the imaginations and deceptive theories of the occultist scientists. It is a shame that the frightened shills are leaving obviously ignorant and un-researched comments and reviews for this book. Make up your own mind and research for yourself if you have doubts." - Charlotte

"I have totally enjoyed this book. It is concise and well researched full of facts and information that makes one want to dig deeper into the Flat Earth subject. It reminds me of my journey when I realized that we do not live on a globe. Mr Roberts not only brings out the physical facts but the biblical truths. Well done!!!" - R Schmitt

"I found Nathan on YouTube and appreciated his insight related to the true nature of our world. I was so happy to hear he was writing a book to share the comprehensive details of his research. It's the perfect balance of observable, measurable, and repeatable evidence while being beautifully supported by the Bible." - Sherri Perry Mitchell

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